I work on product at Shopo by Snapdeal which I joined after it acquired MartMobi. Earlier, I was the founder of Allotrop. I live in Gurgaon, India.

I tweet from @amishrarohit and email from Will love to hear from you on Twitter or over email.

I write on Medium now. My earlier blog is available here.

I share occasional pictures on Instagram.

I collect interesting product ideas on my Product Design board on Pinterest..

Product at Shopo

Shopo is a chat based platform which lets users buy unique products from shops across India. We allow users to open their own shop without the hassle of documentation.

I work on all aspects of Shopo's product. Building a platform for the next million shops is a huge challenge and a lot of fun.

Product and Engineering at MartMobi Technologies

MartMobi allows ecommerce websites built on platforms like Shopify, Magento etc. to build mobile sites and apps using a self-serve platform. Martmobi was acquired by Snapdeal in April, 2015.

I started here as a backend Rails engineer, but went on to work across the stack on multiple platforms including Backbone, Node, Elasticsearch as well as on the product.

Founder at Allotrop

Allotrop allowed people to collect their recommendations across verticals at a common place. The idea was to annotate user's content with real-world entities, and help answer questions like "Show me all Italian restaurants that my friends have liked in Bombay?"This would have searched through the likes of your friends for restaurants recommended on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to present you relevant results.

The product failed to find an audience and had to be shut down.