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I Am Back

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   After a long hiatus, I am finally posting back to the blog. The new features(on this one, I am seeing them on others since years.) are the ones I have picked up after reading the [Digit]( Fast-track on Blogging. The break occurred as I got busy with my SATs, school exams (dozens of them, really), college applications to US, Singapore and Canada, boards and all other Indian competitions. (That's a long nice excuse, Rohit!) They are not done yet. A couple of them are still to be taken care of.  In between, I have been rejected by MIT and all other international institutes except NUS - the National University of Singapore, which hasn't declared its results yet. I also recently found out that I don't have enough finances to keep my Australian plans afloat.  My  AIEEE and IIT exams have also not gone as per expectations.   

   You may say what's so different about it!! It happens to the majority. Let me explain. I am (no, was) a 'padhaku' type. Good in academics. Hopeless in sports, sort of. I wanted to go to institutes like MIT, where I can find a suitable environment to develop the business/technical ideas that I have. Also because everyone here wants to do an IIT and IIM  and then, a 6-figure salary from a big corporate house. I don't understand, why waste an engineering seat, when all you want to do is work for a hedge fund!!!  But  leave apart them, I am not going to even my choice colleges in India also. I feel betrayed by my studies. All my life, I have been brilliant in academics, maintaining an image and now when it was time to reap the fruits, I found out that I wasn't much good here also.Huh!!  

As you might expect, all hell broke loose, and I have been in the lowest phase of my life. Constant arguments with Dad and Mom, ill-tempered and angry, I could have even given Amitabh a competition in the “angry young man” category. Thankfully, it looks like that phase has ended. Mom and Dad have found it difficult to digest how their padhaku son has developed such an aversion to studies? But, they are understanding and have been supportive. The other great help has been Ankita - my class-mate in DPS Patna, who has tolerated my idiotic philosophies and talked me out of my bad moods. She has been under great pressure herself, but she is just so solid. Thanks for being there, Ankita!!

Meanwhile, I have got a good rank in VIT, and will hopefully get my choice department there. Its a good institute (Thats what I have heard and would also like to believe :) ) The counseling is on June 11. I am happy. But, there’s that little zone of confusion still. Let me put it this way. What would Alonso, the twice F1 world champion be feeling right now seeing others overtake him with the utmost of ease. Or, for those who don’t follow F1. What would Adam ‘Gilly’ Gilchrist be feeling like now? Being the best in business, and now in a situation where he and his team - the discharged Deccan Chargers are at the bottom of the league table. VIT is certainly not as bad, but when you compare it to MIT, Princeton, Stanford, IIT…….. then it is way behind. (BTW, At least comparing oneself to Alonso and Gilly gives a nice feeling.) So, I have gone back to doing things that I like the most like writing my heart out on this blog.

I hope you turn up everyday to listen to me. My last two posts and this one may give you the theme of my blog. If you do get it, please e-mail me. i am still searching for it. (As Digit says, you must be focussed)