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The IPhone Pain and Motorola’s Gain

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My life for the last one year was pretty much hijacked by studies and exams, forcing me to give my every wish a “consider after boards” tag. The financial situation of my family makes life a bit complicated. I took the risk of applying to US colleges like MIT, Caltech, Princeton etc. - (which are the best for engineering, if you can shed your jingoistic clothes) The risk failed and now I have to deal with its after-effects. I have not made it into IITs or any other institution of my choice. As it turned out, the words rejected, denied and sorry became the hallmark of my summer. I have qualified to VIT which is a good upcoming college, but not on the scenes if you bring along American colleges.
There is a strange irritation that threatens to conquer you if you work hard for something and even then fail to get it. My parents do their best to cheer me up by buying me things that I like. But, I love them a lot and knowing all the finances, can’t make unjust demands. Now the question of buying a mobile phone.
I currently have a Nokia 3120 which I share with my mother. After four years of trouble free use, it has recently started giving battery troubles and ruling itself out of my potential future mobile list. Moreover, Mummy needs a set, so we have to buy one. My initial budget was Rs. 10,000. Researched a lot, but couldn’t find any set with that “buy me” appeal. Also, I don’t like cell phone cameras, and want to get a digicam. I pulled my budget down to save money for it. The lack of options continued. The one problem with net is that it clearly shows the weaknesses of the devices, some of which one may overlook in a store. The Motorola SLVR L9 and Sony Erricson’s K550i were in the battle now. I was also looking at Motoyuva W270 which costs Rs. 3200, and save even more money for digicam.

Come in the realization that the IPhone can be in my budget. IPhone is like Aston Martin. Both aren’t perfect, but have a certain character in them. (Also, I have used neither!) The IPhone 3G is expected to come out around Diwali, which made it even more difficult for me to invest in any other set. Buying something like W270 meant no camera for a long time, because the next target is a laptop. Digicam comes a distant second .
After a lot of discussion with my mother, (hope, our politicians learn something from me)I decided to wait for the IPhone. The price range will be adjustable. The real worry is about the tariff that Vodafone and Airtel will come out with for IPhone. I bought a Motoyuva W270 on June 30. With the 2 GB microSD card, an Airtel connection and a lifetime recharge, the whole thing will cost Rs. 4200.
The music and radio is loud and clear. Though, the build quality and everything else is a bit tacky, but then you can’t ask for a lot form the cheapest music phone on the country. Between all this, the real winner is IPhone - which has ready customers waiting for it and Motoyuva which is a good value-for-money bargain.