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Finally Net Access at VIT

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I fear that this blog might paint a wrong picture of VIT in your minds. Internet facilities are the most neglected part of the otherwise quite good college. I have paid around Rs. 150 to the cafes surrounding the college, but cafes are not the best place in the world to blog. (Nor is this, with the AC above this PC numbing my hands, but I will take it.) I only want to tell the college that internet has some advantageous uses also, and its wrong to completely stop net access. Its like stopping supply of urea, a fertiliser because ew mad men make bombs out of it.
Huh, moving on. I have enrolled into quite a few societies and student chapters here and have turned into a marketing agent for IEEE and Linux User Grou(LUG). The hostel is good and the teaching reasonable. I don’t understand the point of talking about exams in an engineering classroom repeatedly. But, as Ankita says, the world doesn’t run with my thoughts. I have started priliminary work on my projects. More on it later.
The beauty of the campus is amazing and hard to be competed against. The library is awesome. Though, I am not a great admirer of the digital library wing. Anyways, the book collection is just ………. wow!! I found The Economist and The Harvard Business Review here also. So, the next aim is to spend an hour atleast in that wondeful place. I will try to put the campus photos in my future posts. Lets see how that materializes.
Finally read my Google feeds today and feel much more complete now. Do give a look to my shared items on the right of the page. You Tube is blocked here as are USBs. So, wondering how the blog can be made more interactive.
I don’t know why the spell check doesn’t work here. Will fix it any other day. So, ignore the typos.
Love to all readers.