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Internet in India

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This post is out of sheer frustration. Now, I have written enough about the (lack of internet facilities in my college. It is irritating because almost most of my works have an online component - or I put one in them. Its same right?? I had told my parents to get a broadband connection at my home in Ranchi. They shifted out of Patna a month after I joined college. After some discussion, we settled on BSNL broadband. Numbed by the lack of trouble-free net access, I was desperate to get one clean passage at home. But someone told Dad that BSNL is hopelessly bad over here in Ranchi. Net result: we revived our old Reliance NetConnect “wireless net” connection. It took 1000 bucks and now it is lifetime free.

If you are not in a mood to listen to any more of my diatribe, just read this: Never ever get a Reliance Netconnect and not let anyone else to take it Its the worst thing to have hit India after the shameless and obviously contentless news channels.

You simply can’t do anything on Netconnect. The speed hovers around 5 kbps. Yes - 5. I wasn’t able to open up my Yahoo mail account in 15 attempts. Forget it, if you have any bigger task on hand.

The problem is what are the options. Tata’s plug2surf though better is widely insufficient for the media-rich net of today. BSNL has huge reliability issues. Our landlord says that he has never been able to complete a job while working on BSNL. Airtel, Reliance and Tata don’t offer cable broadband in India. Even in metroes, there MBPS plans are simply unaffordable.

Wondering if a solution exists.