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My Opera Usage Notes

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Unconvinced by the indecisive reviews of browsers in Chip as well as Digit, I want to do it myself now. First on the block is Opera. A very fast browser with die-hard fan base but usage lower than even Safari. Used it for 2 nights and here are the notes:
Opera Usage Notes

• Didn’t allow other browsers any share in bandwith. Safari, IE showed server not responding while I ran Google Reader on it.
• No spell check in Blogger. Firefox had it by default.
• My blog wasn’t showing up properly i.e. with correct dimensions.
• Worked faster I think with Twitter.
• Needed flash plugin. Can’t it be preloaded or use the IE/Firefox plugin. How many times am I going to install it!!
• Interface is better and cleaner. Inspired to clean and improve my firefox now.
• opera wants that all feeds should be linked to its inbuilt reader. no i use google reader. bad!
• Very peculiar lag while shifting between tabs sometimes like 4-5 secs!!
• Got phreaked out typing in facebook
• Had to digg. Missed shareaholic on firefox
• Labnol had a link - searching flickr, site was not able to work on opera! Old problem
• Even MS Mesh - the cloud computing next-gen site hung up with Opera. Really not a browser to be used in isolation.

Send in your browser feedback. Lets really sort out this browser war.