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Terminator Salvation Review

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Terminator 2: Judgement Day is my favorite movie. The third part – Rise of the Machines was a bad sequel which an ardent follower like me also didn’t like. Arnold had become old and it was sad to know that Judgement Day did come. That is why Terminator Salvation was important. Christian Bale carries the legacy of John Connor ahead. I would have loved to see what happens after Judgement Day to Connor. What we get is a Connor who is hailed as the Prophet of the Resistance against Skynet. How the young teen changed into the fighting machine is not shown at all?

The lack of detail is appalling in other places too. Sam Worthington’s character Marcus – a test robot made by Cybernet is great. But I must concede that Transformers had better visual effects. That is not the movie’s strength. Its core lies in the human vs. machines dialogues – the ones by Kyle Reece and Connor are strong.

Salvation gives you the feeling that it was made with the intention that there is more to come. The story has to move ahead. I am waiting for the next installment.