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Chetan Bhagat - Right and Wrong

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My long-time Twitter acquaintance Ankur has joined the #chetanblocks gang. His review of Bhagat’s new book “Two States” suffers from a syndrome “if something is liked by masses, cane it”. Everyone is free to like or dislike Bhagat’s style of writing but to justify book piracy is hypocritical. The same crowd then speaks against the crap that happens in Indian politics. Isn’t it ironical? Our politicians do the same thing - justify anything that suits them without logic.
And yah Chetan Bhagat was wrong about blocking people.

My comment on Ankur’s blog post :

First I am not a big fan of Chetan Bhagat and I share your irritation of people still clinging to Orkut. But, I think a lot of people have got affected by the fact that if something is liked by masses, it must be condemned as the worst thing. Bhagat does write novels which are anecdotal in nature and has an attitude problem — blocking people straightaway. But Dude, you can’t say that his objection to piracy was wrong. #chetanblocks beat our politicians in the race of hypocrisy. No author in the world will smile at his work being pirated.
As for Two States, it is much better than One Night and 3 Mistakes. Living in Tamil Nadu, I agree with his depiction of Tamils. Whether one likes the book or not, it doesn’t matter. We shouldn’t become Macheads who keep blasting Windows writing on a Windows machine.