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A Ride Through Windows History

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There is an interesting video doing the rounds where a smart and dedicated Windows fan installs all major releases of Windows from 1.0 to Windows 7. Like every geek, I have had my fair share of Windows installation stories. The first computer I used was in my school CS lab which ran Windows 95. We used to make various programs in Logo). I was hyper-excited when we got our 1st computer at home in 2001. It had a Pentium III processor with 64 MB RAM with a HP DeskJet printer. Using extremely slow dial-up internet, listening to music on Winamp or Jet Audio and  playing Road Rash was all I used to do. That desktop used to hang a lot probably due to a mix of all the pirated games I used to run combined with the extreme heat in Muzaffarpur, a small city in North Bihar where I used I do live. Getting the computer ‘to hang’ must be on top among all the reasons I have ever been scolded for. It was only a few years later that I realized that the smart-talking guy who used to repair our computer was charging us big bucks for merely reinstalling Windows. When my brother moved to college, he bought a desktop machine which had heavenly specs at least for me - Pentium 4, 2 GB RAM, DVD writer … I was so jealous. No matter what I tried, my home system won’t run XP  as XP had considerably higher hardware requirements. It was only when my brother got fed up of his fabulous system and sent it to home,  that I was able to use XP. My love and hate relationship with my computers continued till I got my current laptop an year and half back - a Dell XPS M1530. I do know one thing, the relationship between a geek and his machine is very special. Probably when I have my own car or bike, it will be similar, but I don’t think it is going to match what I have with this Dell.

The Windows Installation Video :