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Apple’s 30% Cut Is Leveling the Field

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Apple’s decision to claim 30% price of all content sold on the iOS devices forced many companies including Amazon and the Wall Street Journal to make web apps, in addition to the native apps which no longer have links to their online stores. (The webapps have) Now, Apple’s biggest advantage over Android (and every other platform) has been the quality of apps for iOS compared to the other OSes. Even Android enthusiasts generally agree that apps on iOS are better than those on Android. (Hello Facebook). By pushing apps to the web, Apple is making it easier for the competition to catch up. All that Google, RIM and Microsoft need to do is to make their mobile browsers compliant with the HTML 5 standards. For sure, the majority of apps don’t sell content and will remain native, but making more users familiar and comfortable with web apps is a good, if not intended, consequence of Apple’s move.