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Exams N Airtel

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So finally after one mysterious cancellation, exams finally started from 19th. the first paper was english, which went well. Archana Ma’am will be glad to see the attention that VIT pays to the language. The next paper was Math and it was complete bloodshed. Probably the worst paper I have ever written leaving apart the Indian engineering entrance exams. My “What ra!!” teacher is to be blamed. But, so am I. That 12th standard strategy didn’t work. Probably, because I am not able to/willing to follow in class at all. I have tried though. Physics paper was easy yesterday and I hope it comes out well. I feared a repetiton of Math in Chemistry today, but thankfully, it wasn’t so. Two at a time would have been horrible. I have Computer and History to go. (Yes!!They “teach” history in VIT.)

Moving to other topics, I wonder at the lack of thought in Airtel Customer Care. They have yet not been able to guide me to run GPRS on my cell. But, that’s not the issue. I wonder when I once chose English as language always, why am I made to hear ads in Tamil, or send reviews and offers about Tamil movies. Can’t the system work out that I don’t get the language. Amazing!!

The lab is emptying up, So, I better finish this post.