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The XPS Week

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Sitting in CP Lab (Computer Programming) this Monday, I got a call from Blue-Dart to collect my laptop. The XPS actually scheduled to arrive today (Friday) had come 4 days early. It looks absolutely gorgeous in red. It has come with a Targus backpack and Creative in-ears. The perfomance is stunning and programs installed superfast.

Being a member of Linux user group, I proceeded to install Linux. I had the old Ubuntu 7.04 Gusty Gibbon. The installation went well, but it was not able to install the drivers for my NVidia graphics card. It wanted to go online and fetch them, but VIT dear thinks internet is a taboo. While using Linux, I realized that using it without net access is a very difficult job. It has been developed using internet and assumes that you have a nice net connection. I can’t understand how else Linux distributions can afford to not install non open-source codecs like those of MP3 or my Nvidia card. The only way in which Linux can gain mass aceptance is if it sheds its puritan appoach.
Like the startup pop-ups in Windows, Ubuntu asks me whether I want to install restricted drivers for my NVidia graphic card. One click and it will do so. So, why not give the option while installing itself to user that whether he wants restricted drivers or not. A majority will choose “Yes”.
Anyways propelled by the enthusiasm of the new laptop, I tried installing Fedora and it crashed. Some complications arose from Dell’s Media Direct software which is actually Windows XP embedded. It can play music, movies etc. without booting the system. But, there were complications to such an extent that I had no OS working yesterday evening and Windows refused to install.
I was a bit nervous for sure. Thanks to Akhil bhaiya, who is a 2nd year B.Tech CSE student, I formatted the whole hard drive and installed Ubuntu. Then formatted Ubuntu and installed Vista. I have formatted teh system 4-5 times in its first few days. Now waiting for Satish bhaiya (LUG 3rd year) to come and help me out.
The laptop is fun as Windows Media Center showed today. It looks great. I have installed apache, Oracle, PHP and all other software development goodies. Lets see how it all shapes up.