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The XPS Goes Down

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After the repeated formattings, my XPS just gave up on Tuesday. It went dead- no activity at all on pressing the power button. I had to go for blood donation, so couldn’t look into it at that moment (which was after the Chemistry Lab).

(I am writing this after the idiotic restricted IE or the proxy connection lost all my work half an hour back)
After I returned in the evening, situation got tense. I had no clue what happened. A friend of mine, Vishnu (campus representative of Mozilla - cool no!) looked into it. He has XPS (in black, doesn’t look better than mine - Vishnu). We replaced battery, tried without power. Nothing worked. As Dell shuts down customer service at 6 p.m., I had no option but to wait. As I had to go for blood donation in the morning, it was going to be a rather long wait.

After I returned from CMC (Christian Medical College) in the morning, the customer service got it quick. A capacitor on my motherboard had got fried and since there were holidays on Wednesday and Thursday, I will have to wait till Monday. So much for XPS Premier Support!! Considering the fact that the Dell factory is an hour away, I can’t see the logic. Nor can I see a capacitor on a week-old XPS going dead.

I have to make a paper on GPS assisted mobile advertising and start work on very interesting mobile-notices software in the weekend. A bad time for XPS to go wrong. You have got it wrong Dell!!