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My Marks & Wall Street - Unexplainable

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Thats right. I haver got a 50 in Physics, 47 in English, 44 in Chemistry and a decent 32 in Math. You will say (and Dad always says) that I wrote how bad my exams were. I wrote so, but the marking has been liberal. It easens things up a bit. If I can score well with the input time that I gave before this exam, I can do quite well by systematic studies.

Thats nice and will leave me with sufficient time for working on my projects, which is limited to reading a basic networking book only till now.

On the other hand, Wall Street - the center of world economy (though there isn’t one according to Friedman’s World is Flat theory) cracked. The companies that were the dream merchants - Lehmann Brothers, Merill Lynch and AIG have gone bust. These companies employed the world’s best minds. I wonder how none of them were able to figure out this mess. Its ironical how subprime crisis alone was able to account for all these dream merchants. The whole thing reminds me of a quote by Michael Dell that I read somewhere
“IBM does complicated buisness. They thrive on complexities. We at Dell try to simplify things for our customers.” There is a strong analogy with the current crisis here. Normally banks are supposed to take deposits from customers and invest them - earn revenue, pay interest and keep a share of pie for themselves as profit. These companies that have gone bust aren’t due to a sudden withdrawl of fund by customers. They have gone down playing in a maze of risk hedging, mortgaging, transfer and insurance of bad assets.

Wonder why none of the best buisness minds of the world ever gave importance to keeping things simple.