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I Am in a Rich College

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Anyone who has been following me here or on twitter (@movingahead) will know the fact that Wifi is coming to VIT. Unlike other colleges, even the most minuscule ones VIT till now thought internet access to be a taboo, so the only way to access net was to use a proxy in the labs or use a low speed, high cost . access like the one I am using now – the Plug2surf types.

Finally heeding to popular demand, Wifi is being introduced. So, I am happy. I should be, right!! The only problem is that I hadn’t thought that I will have to pay Rs. 900 per month for this happiness. The Wifi is a paid one bandwidth from Reliance, device from Motorola and services by Vellore Online Systems. Hey!!! But what from VIT??

The plans offered start from Rs. 500 for a 256 Kbps 2 GB download limit connection. Another one is at Rs. 700 per month which is same speed but 3.5 GB limit. Now that much bandwidth is very less for a net addict like me – No I don’t waste my time on porn!! There can be other more productive uses. The only plan that suits me is an unlimited plan for 900 at 384 Kbps. I think it would have been better if I also had a few oil wells in Kuwait to finance this education.

I am taking the 900 plan because Dad as always knows how much I am dependent on net for my updates. Proud to have such a father. But, still something lingers in my mind. A fear that I don’t misuse this facility and an anguish that couldn’t my university provide this wifi at subsidised rates.

When I came to VIT, it was famous for being one of the cheapest private engineering college in India. The truth is that colleges like Manipal and Jaypee rob you once. VIT with its media-savvy people robs you slowly in installments.

If this is the way private education will work in this country, wonder whether my posts on allowing international institutes in India were really correct!