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Vacation, Ranchi and Accident

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Like every other holiday, a lot was planned in the winter vacation (that was just 12 days anyway. I had been merrily postponing a lot of things to this period after the semesters finished in December 1st week. The journey to home was fun with Rahul, [Samridhi]( and Richa couldn’t get a link to u Richa!!to company. I being the fool I am sat in the sleeper class coach where we had to shift in the morning in a T-Shirt. Sami and Richa told me to get a jacket, but I thought who would bother with opening up a packed up bag!

Home food showed its effect the following day and my stomach gave me a hard time for the next couple of days. My mausaji, mausimas and cousins came up to Ranchi, but my stomach gave way to fever which took another 2-3 days. All the time, I kept setting records in watching Star Movies and HBO.Sami and Richa have a huge clan of relatives in Ranchi and the cruel ladies spared no time for this poor friend-less chap. Animesh my friend from DPS Patnacame in and I had a welcome break. That night I went on as a comedian in my home making fun of everyone present there and especially some archaic words of my mother-tongue Maithili till people dropped off to sleep. I didn’t know I had such good comic talent too :)

But despite my hartal they left on 28th leaving me with not much to do. The new year was quite dull as first Mom and then Dad got ill. Dad had sustained stomach-ache on January 1 which kept us quite worried.

On 2nd morning, I went for a ride on Dad’s Unicorn. I hadn’t got a chance to explore the area near my house so I went looking for a famous spot called “Tagore Hill”. I crossed it and missed it but didn’t know at that time and kept moving ahead. I was riding at a steady speed of 40 kmph when something went wrong and the bike skidded. My hands and leg was isbadly scratched and bruised. The bike had heavy damage with the visor cracking up. Some electric connection went wrong which prevented the bike from getting started. Dad says that looking at the damage to the bike, I am lucky to have escaped with less injury. Maybe!! But my hands won’t agree.

I had to leave the next day on 3rd and there was constant talk on whether I should cancel the trip or not. But, I didn’t want one wrong thing to create another – attendance issue over here in VIT. So I made the journey. The pain is there and spikes up sometimes. Hopefully it will get checked soon.

Maybe I didn’t get enough new year wishes this time!