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Dorai Thodla in VIT

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On Monday, Dorai Thodla – the founder of IMorph Inc. came to VIT. (I have wondered how VIT manages to get some good people here considering their bureaucratic working style!! As a part of E-Cell, (its a club to promote entrepreneurship here I am actively involved in the club and so played a part in organizing the meet. I googled Dorai and found out about him, IMorph and InfoMinder. I was a bit skeptical about how useful his flagship product InfoMinder will be, which is basically a tool to track changes throughout your chosen pages on the web. I thought that RSS feeds serve basically the same purpose. In the first session, Dorai talked about his life for our “Life as an Entrepreneur” lecture series. The man had already impressed me because of his accounts on Twitter, Friendfeed etc. – as he seemed to be in touch with the latest trends. As he spoke about his urge to constantly remain on top of all the technology news, I could easily identify with him. Dorai understood how boring abig moral talk can get and kept it simple, easy and interactive. The way successful people talk easily about their failures easily. Dorai told us about a presentation that he had to abruptly step into at the last moment unprepared and how his shaking hands sent the old-style presentation into a spin.
I was happy to find equal angst and support from him about the lack of consumer software work taken by the Indian IT biggies. He encouraged people to take risks and start making useful apps – and I was silently feeling proud about my life goals of being an entrepreneur and about the mobile “noticeboard” software that I am working on.
Dorai had another session post-lunch (not for me though. IEEE, ECell, poor mess have made me miss lunch repeatedly The second session was more technical, and I loved the importance on trends that he spoke of. As he took names like Digg, StumbleUpon, semantic web… I felt whether this would inspire people to wake up from their movie downloads and explore the wider web. But, I am not very positive.

I wanted to discuss with Dorai my idea about the mobile “noticeboard” project that I call DNS and get his views on the idea. But he was going to Bangalore for the TiE Entrepreneurial Summit. I wanted to be there desperately. A lot of my work would be derived from this person now for sure.