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Tuition Mania

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So what you and I always knew has now been verified by the Assocham – the Indian industry association. Private Tuition is rampant and costly all over the country. The Assocham report says :

“Private tuitions have witnessed a steep increase of about 40-45 per cent in the last few years as middle class parents have been spending nearly one-third of their monthly incomes on them.”

The problem with tuition is that it makes you dependent. Its like a cigarette – once you have started with it, you think you can’t do without it.
So people go on from having tuition at school, then tuition for IIT and even then for IIM. The problem is that it undermines your regular education (though that itself is a farce Now parents are spending one-third of their incomes on these private tutors. Whats wrong folks!! Go and look for some creative thing for your child. Mugging up that chemistry table or that physics equation won’t make him/her the next Einstein. If you really care so much about your child, work hard and break up from this self-supporting myth of tuition.
There is a lot that can be learnt today. More than your money-sucker tutor can ever teach.

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